Top Benefits of an Online Checking Account

With the shift towards all things digital in modern society, it’s no wonder that many customers are moving in the direction of online checking accounts for their banking needs. Banks have heard their wishes, as more financial institutions have set up online banking services that provide customers with excellent service, easily accessible information anytime, and the convenience of banking from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

An online checking account can provide the same level of service as a brick-and-mortar bank but with many critical benefits that can help customers reap the benefits of up-to-the-minute banking info. They are also adept at fulfilling many of the functions common in local bank branches. If you’re considering opening a personal checking account in Lake City, MI, you may want to take advantage of an online account. Keep reading to learn about more of the benefits of online banking that can put your money and financial information at your fingertips.


Checking Account

Enhanced Convenience

In the past, you only had a few options if you needed information about your checking account. You could either dial the banking information line, if your bank even had one. Or, you could make sure to visit a local bank branch during business hours to make inquiries. If your need for information fell after regular hours, you were usually out of luck. Now, however, there’s no need to plan your day around a trip to the bank, and you won’t have to waste your lunch hour to visit a branch to make a deposit or pay a bill during business hours. Online banking allows you to perform those functions from your home computer or even on the go via a smartphone or tablet.

Instant Information

Many people like to keep close tabs on spending and available balances to prevent costly overdrafts and to monitor accounts for theft. An online checking account provides you with excellent, always updated information about your account that can be accessed securely from your personal devices. It’s comforting to be able to check your account balance from the check-out line, for example. Online banking makes that possible.

Immediate Transfers

Just as your information is instantly accessible with an online checking account, you can also perform many checking account functions instantly. For example, if you need to move money from one account to another to cover an expense, you can do so with relative ease. Or, if you need to pay a bill from your checking account, you can immediately handle it through your online checking account without making a trip to the bank.

Convenient Bill Pay Options

With many online checking accounts, you can set up routine recurring bill payments so that they draft from your online checking account automatically prior to due dates. Instead of wasting time juggling bill payments throughout the month, you can set pay dates for your pending bills and your online checking account will pay them without you giving it another thought. That prevents late fees and conveniently gives you back your time to do things you enjoy.


Online Checking Account

If you’re thinking of opening a new banking account and appreciate lower cost, increased convenience, and full-time information about your account, consider opening an online checking account. To learn more about the benefits of an online checking account, visit Forest Area Federal Credit Union at