Meet Our Team

Executive Leadership

Greg, CEO

Greg, CEO 

Years at FAFCU: 1.5

“I came to Forest Area FCU after seeing what a strong institution it was, the comradery of the employees and the organization’s commitment to the communities being served.

Jody, COO

Years at FAFCU: 16

“I look forward to helping with the credit union float for the 4th of July parade in Fife Lake every year!”

Alex, CFO

Years at FAFCU:

“I love how involved we are with the communities in which we serve.”

Art, VP of Human Resources

Years at FAFCU: 1

“I love FAFCU because I feel “at-home”. Our commitment to excellence is nothing short from remarkable.”

Justin, VP of Lending

Years at FAFCU: 1

“My experience with the credit union has been nothing short of remarkable. A dedicated team, working together to provide outstanding service to their membership, these folks treat members and colleagues as family and friends.”

Branch Managers


Branch: Fife Lake

Years at FAFCU: 5

“My favorite event that we sponsor is the Fife Lake Historical Society Buffalo Barbeque.”


Branch: Kalkaska

Years at FAFCU: 22

“I have a lot of good memories from the last 23 years and look forward to making more good memories in the future.”



Branch: Kinglsey

Years at FAFCU:

“I love the support and relationship that we as a whole have with our members and truly love being a part of the “people helping people” movement!”


Branch: Manton

Years at FAFCU: 18

“I love the way we put our members first. Always going above and beyond to make their lives better. It’s a very rewarding place to work!”



Branch: Lake City

Years at FAFCU: 19

“I moved to the Lake City branch in 2019 and have enjoyed becoming a part of this community. I look forward to getting to know more of our members and being involved in supporting our town.”

Board of Directors

Our Board Members


Chairman: Lee Sandy
Vice-Chair: Donald Crawford
Treasurer: Polly Piltz
Secretary & Supervisory Committee Chair: Alan McCullen
Director: Thomas Runkel
Director: Lyle Spalding
Director: Todd VanDuessen

From left to right – top row: Alan McCullen, Lyle Spalding, Tomas Runkel, Lee Sandy. Bottom row – Todd Van Duessen, Polly Piltz, Donald Crawford