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Don't waste time comparing rates at other financial institutions. Get the right loan at the right rate at Forest Area Federal Credit Union.

Browse our current loans and choose the right one for you.


At Forest Area Federal Credit Union, we understand that sometimes you may need extra money. Life is complicated; opportunities and emergencies arise that require added funding. FAFCU members enjoy access to multiple flexible lending options designed to make the loan application process simple. Whether you need to finance the purchase of a new car, pay for your child’s education, buy the home of your dreams, or pay for a new furnace, FAFCU has you covered.

Browse our current loans and choose the solution that’s right for you. You’ll find small loans, large loans, personal loans, and business loans with low rates, no fees, and flexible payment options.

Competitive Rates

Don’t waste time comparing rates at other financial institutions. Get the right loan at the right rate at FAFCU. We offer secured and unsecured loans with low costs, flexible terms, and no hidden fees.

Member Benefits

At FAFCU, we believe banking should be easy. That’s why we offer our members great benefits like LoanPay Xpress, Skip-A-Pay, and flexible payments. Members can even apply for a loan online with online banking services or our easy-to-use mobile app. Online loans, easy payment options, and the ability to skip a payment are just a few of the many reasons our members turn to FAFCU when life gets complicated.



We've made it easy and convenient to pay your loan online with FAFCU LoanPay Xpress. You can stop worrying about missing a payment or paying a late fee when you sign up for recurring payments.

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With FAFCU's Skip-A-Payment, you can skip one payment per year with a $25 fee. Please note that you may only skip three payments total for the length of your loan.

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FAFCU allows weekly, biweekly or semi monthly payments on most loans, letting members to make partial payments based on when they get paid. FAFCU also allows payments to be made in many different formats including, online transfers, AFT, ACH or by stopping into one of the branch offices.

Flexible due dates on most products are also offered. Payments can be scheduled on the first 28 days of the month to allow the payment due date to work for the member.

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