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Saving Money for the Future with Your Checking Account

Everyone should be saving money for the future. It’s just a good idea to have a little something set aside in case of an emergency. Every month money goes into your checking account and then out of the account when…

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Woman using ATM

Tips for Choosing the Right Credit Union Online

Are you interested in doing business with a customer-owned financial institution rather than a big banking machine? If this idea appeals to you, a credit union may be the perfect fit. But how do you find a local credit union…

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The History of Credit Unions

A brief historical overview of the credit union throughout the decades: 1901 – Alphonse Desjardins, a Canadian journalist, founded the first credit union in North America (today The Desjardins Group) and made the first deposit of 10 cents. 1909 –…

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The Difference between Credit Unions and Banks

For many people, banks and credit unions are considered one and the same because they both fulfil similar purposes and provide the same kinds of services. However, while it’s true that both types of financial institutions are in the interest…

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Growing Savings

The Importance of Opening a Savings Account

Do you feel you always come up short on cash when you really need it? One route to financial freedom is opening a savings account. Many people associate the term “financial freedom” with the wealthy. However, what it really means…

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Ways to Improve Your Mobile Banking Experience

While the modern customer demands digitzed conveniences like apps and reviewable social media interactions, they still expect to be treated as individuals and receive pleasant customer service. As artificial intelligence and computerization replace many interactive service jobs, it can be…

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Person Holds Money

Things You Should Know before Opening a Checking Account

Having a personal checking account is an important financial step in this day and age. It sets you up for financial independence and accountability, and it protects and insures your money from theft, loss, and other problems. Read on to…

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Online banking

The Perks of Opening a Personal Savings Account

For many people, their first interaction with banking came through the opening of a childhood personal savings account. Opening a savings account through a personal banking service is an excellent first step in developing financial habits that will pay excellent…

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Earning High Interest with Your Business Saving Account

One hallmark of the most successful businesses is the ability to invest profits to create diversified revenue streams that help offset market dynamics. For a business to maximize its potential and make use of gains, a sound investment strategy is…

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Main Things You Should Know about Home Equity Loans

Main Things You Should Know about Home Equity Loans

If you’re thinking of applying for a home equity loan, here are 5 things you need to know: Loan-to-Value Ratio: To figure out this number, the lender adds your current mortgage and the amount of equity you want to borrow…

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