What You Need to Know About the Recent Student Loan Changes

Do you have a student loan? Do you have the slightest idea what’s going on with it? You should, because the payment pause is ending, interest will start accruing and you’ll need to make room in your budget! President Biden has set up loan forgiveness for many borrowers, but many more will still need to start writing checks again. You may even have a new loan servicer. Income-driven repayment is changing, but that might be to your advantage. Read our guide carefully for the information you need to know!

Three Common Money Mistakes People Make

Everyone wants to manage their money responsibly, but many people often make mistakes in ways they handle money – without even realizing it. They may have fallen into a bad habit they can’t shake off, or they may be misinformed or less educated in a certain area. The good news is, harmful behaviors can always be unlearned. Let’s take a look at three common money mistakes and how to fix them.

All You Need to Know About Money Market Accounts

At Forest Area Federal Credit Union, we offer our members a wide variety of financial products and services to help you manage, save and grow your money. Savings accounts and share certificates are the ideal choice for money you won’t need to access for a while, and checking accounts are the perfect home for funds to cover day-to-day expenses. However, you may be seeking an account that blends the best of savings and checking accounts. Money market accounts offer many convenient features of checking accounts, with an attractive rate of return to help your money grow.