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Teenage driver sit in the front seat with hands on the steering wheel. We only see her from behind.

How to Save on Car Insurance with a Teen Driver

While the prospect of securing affordable car insurance for teenage drivers may initially seem daunting, employing these proactive strategies can help alleviate financial strain and promote responsible driving habits. By leveraging discounts, making informed coverage choices, and prioritizing safety, you pave the way for a smoother journey on the road to financial stability and peace of mind.

Young boy uses a silver watering can to water plants in a garden

15 Fun Ways for Kids To Make Money

Hey, parents! Want to give your kiddos a crash course in money smarts without boring them? It's all about letting them earn and manage their own moolah! And with summer right around the corner, there's no shortage of ways for them to rake in some extra dough.

three girls with their back to the camera wear prom dresses and heels. They are walking in the middle of a street surrounded by trees and have linked their arms together. All our smiling and laughing.

A Guide to Frugal Prom Planning

Prom night symbolizes the culmination of high school memories and the beginning of new adventures. While the allure of extravagance may be tempting, it's essential to strike a balance between creating unforgettable experiences and managing financial resources responsibly.