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Whether you're looking to use equity in your home to make home improvements, go on vacation, help out a child with schooling, conolidate debt, or purchase a new recreational vehicle, we've got you covered. Forest Area Federal Credit Union (FAFCU) offers equity loans and lines of credit so you can use your hard earned equity how you choose.

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A Fixed Home Equity Loan works like a mortgage in that all of the funds are disbursed up front. We offer fixed interest rates for a term of 5 years with amortization periods of up to 20 years.

Benefits Includes:

  • Save with a low fixed rate
  • No annual fees 
  • Easy access to make payments online, in person, or over the phone
  • Borrow up to 85% of your home's appraised value
  • Interest expense may be tax deductible

Please note, you must be 18 years or older to apply for a loan.

A home equity line of credit provides flexible access to funds when you need it for home improvement projects, large purchases or other expenses.

Benefits Include: 

  • Competitive Rates
  • Convenient And Flexible Access
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Origination Fee

Please note, you must be 18 years or older to apply for a loan.

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