Tips for Choosing the Right Credit Union Online

Are you interested in doing business with a customer-owned financial institution rather than a big banking machine? If this idea appeals to you, a credit union may be the perfect fit. But how do you find a local credit union if you don’t meet the membership requirements?

Woman using ATM

If you’re in this situation, consider joining an online credit union in Kingsley, MI. Online institutions make it easier for you to qualify for membership, to access your money, and even communicate with credit union employees about banking matters. Keep reading to learn how to find the right online credit union for you.

Multiple Banking Options

The average person spends a lot of time online conducting business. Whether it’s going online for a virtual meeting with colleagues, consulting with a doctor or shopping, Americans are used to doing business online. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want options.

Some people might be uncertain about creating a membership with an online credit union because they want to have the option to deposit physical checks or make no-fee ATM withdrawals. Many online financial institutions realize that their customers want these perks and have partnered with stone-and-mortar credit unions locally to provide these options.

If being able to bank online and in person is important to you, search for credit unions online that have their own physical locations in your area or partner with a local credit union.

Easy Membership

Another factor to consider is how easy it is to apply for membership. As mentioned earlier, membership for online institutions is more relaxed. However, most want you to belong to a specific region, a particular group, or make a one-time donation to a charitable organization. If you choose to make a donation, double-check the group exists and that the donation in minimal. Most institutions will only require a small donation that doesn’t exceed $10.

24/7 Customer Service

Online services are convenient, but what happens if your debit card gets lost or you need to cancel a stolen credit card? You have to get in touch with someone right away. Before choosing an online credit union, make sure they offer 24/7 customer service. Do they have live people answering their phones around the clock? Or, do they rely on automated services until regular business hours? Life happens 24/7 and you need an online banking partnership that’s available when you need them.

Mobile banking app

Mobile Apps

The best credit union, online or in person, offers their customers easy, on-the-go access to their financial information. Choose an institution that offers a responsive and secure mobile app that lets you transfer money, pay bills, receive money, stop transactions, and more whenever you need to.

Other Financial Products

Brick-and-mortar credit unions have a long-standing reputation for offering their members low-interest loans for home purchases, automobile purchases, personal loans, and even small-business loans. If you have plans to borrow money for a large purchase, choose an online institution that offers these same financial products. Not only do you get great rates, but you keep all your financial dealings in one place.

If you live in Kingsley, MI, and are interested in an online credit union that offers traditional in-person banking services as well, contact Forest Area Federal Credit Union, member of the National Credit Union Association. Apply to join Forest Area Federal Credit Union today.