Phone & Text Banking

Phone (Audio) Banking

CU*Talk phone banking is the fast and convenient way to access accounts whenever the information is needed. All that is needed is a touch-tone phone, the member number, and a 4 digit PIN.

Phone banking gives you the ability to:

  • Transfer funs between Forest Area Federal Credit Union accounts
  • Withdraw from the accounts by requesting a check sent to the primary address on the account
  • Check recent activity on accounts including cleared checks
  • Get current credit union rates and loan estimate calculations
    • For security purposes, FAFCU employees have to give members access to audio banking the first initial use.

      Text Banking

      Text Banking gives our members the ability to get their balances and other e-alerts via text message right to their phones.

      Enrolled members can text message requests and receive text message replies on the available balance on accounts at any time.

      They can also select to have their e-Alerts, such as balance alerts, sent to their mobile devices in the form of a text message, giving them timely feedback when their available funds drop below a desired level.