Online Bill Pay

Easy Pay Online Bill Pay allows members with a checking account to quickly and easily pay their bills online. Electronic payments can be set up to major companies and utilities, or a paper check can be sent to a person or company not set up to receive electronic payments, like a landlord or family member. Saves the membership time, and money with no hassle.

What does it come with?

  • Unlimited payments
  • Easy bill pay set up with a list of common payees
  • Due date reminders and automatic payment options
  • Viewable bills from your linked companies

How do I use it?
Sign up for Easy Pay Online Bill Pay in the Pay Bills tab of It’s Me 247 Online Banking, and agree to the user agreement. Once your account is established, set up your first bills with your account number and mailing address and be done. Anyone can be paid at any time allowing flexibility and convenience. Bill pay also allows for reoccurring payments. A small monthly fee is assessed if less than three bills are scheduled each month.