Debit Cards

  • Easier than cash or check
  • No annual fee
  • Use for purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • Available on both checking and savings accounts


Prior to traveling, Please Download the Card Nav mobile App, complete the form below or contact one of our service representatives at 231.879.4154 to ensure that your card is ready to use. We will need to know your travel dates, which states/countries you will be visiting and a phone number and/or email address to use to contact you during your travels.

Lost/Stolen Cards

For lost/stolen debit cards inside of the U.S. call 888.241.2510 and 727.227.9012.

Outside the U.S. For cardholder services during business hours call 231.879.4154.


Full control over your debit and credit card usage in a way you’ve never had before:

  • Manage how, when and where your cards are used—on your own terms. CardNav enables you to set controls regarding the transaction types, geographic rules, and the merchant types where your card can be used.
  • Turn any card on, or off—in seconds. It’s as simple as a toggle. Perfect for safety, security… and those scary moments when you’re not quite sure where your card might be.
  • Ensure you are the only person using your cards. GPS capabilities can either limit where your card is used—or assure it’s only able to be used when with you.
  • Turn your cards into active budget participants. Set dollar limits for transactions, and receive alerts when those limits are being reached. No more worrying about going over budget!
  • Receive alerts when suspicious activity is suspected.
  • Stop fraudulent activity before it even happens with the alert feature of CardNav. Based on your preferences, CardNav can send you a real-time alert when your card is used outside of your chosen preferences, giving you the power to deny the transaction or turn your card off. Alert preferences can be set by:
    • Location – based on where the transaction occurs
    • Transaction type – based on type of transaction at point of sale
    • Merchant type – based on the type of merchant where the transaction occurred
    • Threshold – based on the threshold amount set by the user (i.e. – transactions over $500 receive an alert)